Monday, August 19, 2013

Review: Haüer - The Infinitesimal EP

Released through Future City Records, which celebrates all things ’80s be it music, pop culture or sci-fi, the début EP by Haüer, ‘The Infinitesimal,’ is a five strong collection of cinematic sci-fi instrumentals that are crying out to be heard in a cinema near you soon. Each track is perfect to accompany a daring rescue or a maximum security prison breakout. Perhaps they are a tad too scenic in comparison to the vigour of acts such as LeGalaxie to find their way on to the dance floor but, they are the perfect soundtrack to a sci-fi daydream.

Homesfires sets the ambience for the rest of the EP perfectly, showing flashes of the upbeat and brooding soundscapes that unfold throughout the five tracks. Though Haüer never quite reach the epic heights of Chariots of Fire they certainly create four-dimensional terrains and the influence of  Ultravox, Kraftwek and Vangelis comes crashing through.

Interceptor feels like a cinematic musical fragment rather than a fully realised composition. It has a Mega City vibe to it slowly building to a crescendo before crashing and rising from the rubble; presumably to victory. Colony Children on the other hand feels like its potential has been fully harnessed with several synth lines combining successfully to give this track a start, middle and end.

‘The Infinitesimal EP’ concludes with Helicop which tussles with Colony Children to be the standout track. A throbbing bass line is flanked by butterfly synth motifs as Haüer finally make it on to the dance floor delivering a cinematic happily-ever-after. It’s by no means perfect or compelling enough for everyday listening, but Haüer have delivered a perfectly credible addition to the sci-fi niche of cinematic synth-pop.

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