Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Satelite Generals live at Whelan's

There is a spark about Satellite Generals.  They subliminally project a musketeer vibe, an undefinable on stage togetherness that makes them a believable band.

They kick things off with a heavily accented Kings of Leon style drum beat on "Kings and Queen" which instantly displays the vocal prowess of lead singer Niall Rogers. It's unusual to see a band with 3 people playing drums at the same time. The bombastic fills of James Rogers are joined by synth player Eddy Edmondson on a mini percussion set-up. While bassist Jay Duff plays a floor-tom, adding texture to the song. Which is at its best in the chorus when Niall Rogers and Jay Duff combine lead vocals.

"Neck Ties" has a somber summer feel, with a guitar line you might expect to find on a Two Door or Kowalski song.  "Matador" is led by some more nifty bass riffs and a catchy "wahow oh" chorus. It's a quality radio friendly pop song, with single stamped all over it.    
Unfamiliar Roads is another radio friendly alt-pop song. Delivering elements of early Coldplay and White LiesRodgers vocals are reminiscent of lather day Jesse Lacey. Once again Satellite Generals have managed to weave the backing vocals in and out to great effect. They finish off  their set with a cover of the Strokes "Someday".

Satellite Generals, truly display the makings of a quality band and we will certainly be back for a second look.


Anonymous said...

Well deserved review lads
Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Savage band! especially the bombastic drummer

Anonymous said...

Love these guys!!