Saturday, June 4, 2011

Review: Lynchburg Mob at Whelan's

Lynchburg Mob are a for piece Noir-rock band from Dublin, heavily influenced by Interpol and Echo and The Bunnymen. The lyrics are stark and jagged containing many Ian McCullochesque couplets Ian Plunkett's voice is robust with flickers of McCulloch, Paul Banks and Harry McVeigh audible. The "We were built to last" chorus of Coattails is probably Plunkett's finest moment.

Despite obvious talent and moments of brilliance Lynchburg Mob, seem hell bent on sabotaging themselves, through overkill. With songs containing far too many changes and in several cases a double outro, which hampers the song, by not letting it end on a high.

El Mar is a case in point. It starts off life as a beautiful atmospheric track, with menacing horror movie effects.  However forty seconds in an amateurish Something Happens, style guitar link by Plunkett undoes all this good work, with 15 seconds of self-indulgence. Thankfully it returns to the slick atmosphere of the intro for the verse. Followed by a third bass heavy section which ads something to the composition.

Give any competent producers the multi-tracks and an hour in a studio and this song could easily fulfil its potential. Unfortunately for the Lynchburg Mob, this is a school boy error repeated time after time. 

A cover version of Interpol's "Evil" a perfectly weighted modern classic. Precise in every way, Really hammered the previous point home. Lynchburg Mob delivered the song perfectly however, and it was the highlight of their performance. While "The Importance of Remaining Earnest" is the groups best song. A high tempo Cult style stomper built on chugging bass and some nifty riffs by Darragh Lynch.

Lynchburg Mob are potentially a great band. Plunkett, is a good front man, Lynch, an inventive guitar player. They just need to get the balance right.

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