Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review: Le Galaxie album launch The Workman's Club.

On Friday night electro scientists Le Galaxie conducted a large scale experiment on a throbbing fee paying, general public. The aim of this experiment? To release mankind's inner robot. In the early hours of Saturday morning independent observers pronounced this experiment, a resounding success. Test subjects were injected with Le Galaxie's newly patented serum Laserdisk Nights 2, which yielded instant results.

Le Galaxie used certain triggers including: Tron cube, glow sticks, fluorescent body paint, pulsating indie electro, and hands in the air moments of unity.  As these triggers were introduced subjects could be seen to move uncontrollably. At first foot tapping and head nodding was recorded. Then as glow sticks were introduced, hands went in the air and euphoric smiles appeared on faces. Slowly but surely each subject released their inner robot. Independent observers recorded movements such as "big fish, little fish cardboard box". In some subjects the serum proved more potent and the moves "Swarm of flies" and  "Wobbly cross" were also recorded.

Through the medium of electronica the Le Galaxie scientists pounded the stage in the Workman's Club, delivering thunderous beats and bleeps The guitars and drums in particular, more prevalent than on the record. The emphasis throughout the performance was placed on giving the audience a good time and the set reflected this. Only full-on tracks such as "Orion" and single "Midnight Midnight" would pass muster this evening.

A thoroughly spectacular performance by a band that is on the cusp of the big time. MCD take note this is a main-stage act with main-stage material. In fact you can send Beyonce back. This is where it's at.

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