Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Red Brick House - EP

Following a successful appearance at this years Temple House Festival.  We thought it was about time we checked out Sligo quartet Red Brick House's self titled debut EP. 

It's a  four song collection of well crafted up-tempo indie tunes, with big guitars and big drums. While lead singer Patrick Leydon has a good voice, that moves from gravelly indie anger to pop with ease.

Opening track "In My Head" is full of choppy guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. Think Milburn. "Daydream" is a radio friendly song. Nada Surf via Sligo if you will. It is a strange yet potent combination  The vocal delivery has a hint of Duke Special to it. Some very hummable backing vocals by Les Finan (guitar) keeps this song returning to your mind time after time.

A hail of drums, cowbell and muted guitar stabs leads us nicely into "Not The One". A funky bass led relationship P45. Once again the song is delivered with panache. With special mention for the rhythm section of Peter Murray and Danny Young, who are the stares of the show on this track. 3 songs in and Red Brick Houses are shaping up to be a very accomplished and versatile band.

Propelled by big drum beats and grime filled choruses closing track "Broke The Law" is the pick of the bunch. A throbbing blues tinged track with hints of modern shoegazing acts such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, combined with classic 80's rock guitar stylings. This track has single written all over it.

The EP is available for download free of charge from Bandcamp
Check out http://redbrickhouse.ie/ for more info on the band.

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