Saturday, June 4, 2011

Review: Ellie Goulding Live at The Olympia 31/5/11

Not to be outdone by a little old band like Suede, royal wedding singer Ellie Goulding, embarked on her three night residency in the Olympia Theatre playing to a fervent capacity crowd, who she quickly and easily enthralled with songs such as "Under The Sheets", "Your Song" and "Starry Eyed".

The general public may view Goulding as a public-school folk singer. But nothing could be further from the truth, as she instrument hoped from drums to guitar and back again, several times over. 

While her light-show is more akin to what you may expect to see at a Klaxons gig. Indeed the gig comprised a large amount of Indie-electro rather than mid tempo folk.

Goulding appeared from nowhere mounting a drum kit for a dub version of her break through single "Under the Sheets" breaking all expectations from the off she bound down to the front off the stage dressed in a leather jacket and short-shorts for "Under The Sheets" proper. Where she played floor-tom centre stage ala Bat For Lashes and Radiohead. Her voice is much stronger than her slight frame suggests with flashes of Bjork on emotion laden "This Love" one of the highlights of the evening.

The crowd react wildly singing in unison to "Human" especially so when Goulding belts out "I would give my life" through the choruses. While she brought on chills as she sang a section from ballad "Wish I Stayed" acapella, in three part harmony with her backing singers.

Goulding's current hit Elton John, cover "Your Song" is given a "Let It Be" style Beatles makeover to great effect, with the backing singers once again delivering a great performance. This would appear to be the highlight of the night for many, its a hands in the air unifying moment. Goulding however has one final trick up her sleeve. The excellent "Starry Eyed" closes the show to rapturous applause. Judging by the closing section of the show. Goulding is only a few short steps away, from becoming a truly credible artist.


Kyle said...

I was at this gig, do you know who the support act were??
Great review by the way!

Alternative Irish Music Review said...

Hey Kyle Thanks very much. The band you are after are called The Kanyu Tree and their biggest song is called "Radio"