Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Album Review: Le Galaxie Laserdisc Nights 2

The truly long-awaited debut album from Le Galaxie "Laserdisc Nights 2" is an eleven track opus of air-punching dance magic.

Le Galaxie's sound is a mix of Zodiak Free Arts Centre era Berlin, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk, Bowie instrumentals and Devo. With more modern references to Daft Punk and Goose, combining to create a superb debut effort, by the electro-quartet.

The influence of science fiction films and literature (perhaps Phillip K. Dick) are also evident in the lyrics, but don't be fooled. This is anything but geek-rock, dance music. Its vivid and vital.

Single "Midnight Midnight" (video below) is top-notch synth-pop, dripping with Numanesque motifs and catchy refrains, set against wall shaking industrial sounds.

On "Powers Of Miami" soundbites and android vocals are intertwined with a riff, that's so good, It will have you reaching for your Air-synth (not an easy feat)  While on "This is Reality, Diane" and "Blood Beach" Le Galaxie, wander the Germanic landscapes of Bowie's infamous "Side B" collaborations with Brian Eno, with some aplomb.  
"Orion" one of the albums standout tracks, is reminiscent, to begin with, of the Sumner/Marr super-group Electronic. The live drums and bass are to the fore, delivering cool retro disco riffs.  Juxtaposed against, contemporary throaty synth sounds. The track closes with an unexpected, but welcome sprinkling of math rock.

When award season rolls around Le Galaxie, can expect to be nominated for album of the year. Laserdisc Nights 2, is the high-tide mark in Irish electronica thus far, in 2011. It sees Le Galaxie, become "The Rolling Stones" to Not Squares, "Beatles"  So let battle commence.

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