Thursday, July 8, 2010

Review: The Walls: Carrying The Fire (Single)

Carrying The Fire is the first single from The Walls forthcoming third album. And if this is an indicator of their new direction, then the Wall brothers are onto a winner. Carrying The Fire is a quirky mix of influences, including The Killers, The Waterboys, Dexy's Midnight Runners and Mercury Rev. In fact its so far removed from their earlier material that you may struggle to identify them until you hear the unmistakable voice of Steve Wall.

The song is driven by Joe Wall's chugging fuzz bass and the snappy snare drum of Rory Doyle, who is now double jobbing as Bell X1 stick man. The emigration themed lyrics are a timely reminder of how history is repeating itself with another generation of Ireland seemingly lost. However they will thrive once more in foreign lands as previous generations did in America. Their best song since To The Bright and Shining Sun possibly their best ever. The falsetto led chorus is a real treat.

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Tickets There said...

Tis a savage song. Saw them play it last night and it's even better live :)