Sunday, July 4, 2010

Review: The Very Most - Myspace review

Boise Idaho sextet The Very Most are sunkist retro rompers paddling crystal clear waters of hope and happiness. Your in Love with the Sun is a breezy slice of idyllic 60s' Cali alt country pop; with Motown drum-fills and lashings of percussion, hummable keys and a truly catchy chorus perfect for garden parties and romantic moments.

Irlande a cross between a turbo charged Ventures track and Scotland's finest happy-sad band Belle and Sebastian and is one of the standout tracks on Dublin indie label Idiecater Records compilation Fastforward (previously reviewed by AIMR) Gia Trotter & Jeremy Jensen's vocals combine perfectly creating an ephemeral Wilson vibe throughout.

Who'd of thought that theology and and walking bass lines would go hand in hand Away in a Manger is modern yet retro update on the christian carol. Bring on the wind instruments and Ukulele and this wonderfully bizarre track is complete. With Call the Cops lead singer Jeremy Jensen tips his hat to 'Boy with the Arab strap' era Belle & Sebastian while the Lyrics are quirky and self loathing in a quintessentially British way that Morrissey has perfected.

The Very Most are a truly versatile band. They seem to be able to rap a melody around any lyrical subject. Indeed they actively encourage fans to challenge them with themes, people, places and situations to base songs upon. Scotland is a case in point. On paper it is just a list of Scottish bands, but in The Very Most's hands it become a Jingle Jangle call to arms for bedroom poets and protest singers.

A Year With The Very Most is out now on Indiecater Records previous albums Making the Case For Me (2004). Congratulations Forever (2008) are also available from the links below

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