Sunday, July 4, 2010

Review: Ham Sandwich - The Naturist (single)

Unfortunately for Ham Sandwich; it would seem that when lead singer Niamh, cut her hair and put away the 60's dresses, that they lost their soul in the process.

The Naturist starts of like a bad Snow Patrol cover; of the standard you would expect to see on 'The All Ireland Talent Show', Performed by a band, who have modeled themselves on The Corrs, and after a few weeks have been told to "Try something different" and this was the ill advised result. I can see it now "It lacked emotion and vitality" says Dáithí Ó Sé "your gonna struggle tonight girls"

In fact its only after about a minute that anything remotely interesting happens and that sadly only lasts for a few seconds. If only this song started at the chorus which is a decent enough exploration into Feist/Bat For Lashes land, and went on from there. They would be onto a winner.

This is a real shame as their debut album Carry the Meek showed real promise for the future. But I fear difficult second-album syndrome may have struck again.


Anonymous said...

could you have BEEN more wrong you bloody idiot.

Alternative Irish Music Review said...

Hello passionate fan/friend of Ham Sandwich.

Lets review the facts of the above post, at the time of writing. The bands primary songwriter has left the band to pursue another project, leaving the other members to pen material. This is the first single following his departure. It is the weakest single so far by the band, and as a result the quality of the forthcoming (as unheard) album is in doubt. A completely rational conclusion was thus reached. You would no doubt have seen a similar rational used by the mainstream media in regards to Noel Gallagher's departure from Oasis. Thankfully for Ham Sandwich, the quality of subsequent material is vastly superior to that of The Naturist.

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty damn good actually! Longest time to wait for rebuttal but nonetheless!
I am indeed a fan of the sambo, but i thought the review was a very different to what other reviews had said a couple of years ago! However i can see where you are coming from with your thought process at the time.
I still think its a great tune especially live :)