Friday, July 2, 2010

Review: The Dig

Here at AIMR we love a bit of distorted bass. So we were delighted when we stumbled across unsigned New York quartet The Dig.The Dig certainly know how to make a beautiful, angry, spacial, racket. Their debut album Electric Toys, is a post punk shoe-gazing roller coaster of big bass, soaring guitars, eerie pads and distorted vocals You're Already Gone is groovy distorted New York rock at its finest. Think The Strokes with added swagger and vocal precision. 

Two Sisters in Love finds us in BRMC territory with David Baldwin and Emille Mosseri dividing vocal duties between verse and choruses. Choppy riffs and hyperactive tremolo picking combine well, as the volume swells and swells, Jamie Alagre forges a unique beat.

Its unusual to find a band with two singers of equal calibre usually one is just feeding his ego to the detriment of the band as a whole or whats commonly known as "Its my song and I'm singing it syndrome" Thankfully this is not the case with The Dig..Look Inside which has featured on the popular Unites States TV show The Vampire Diaries, is built upon a bed of swerving synths and sprightly muffed bass and features a Johnny Greenwoodeusque guitar line. Elements of The Who and the Kings of Leon are also evident.

The Dig have just finished touring with the Editors and have hit the road once more. It surely wont be long before they are heading to the UK and Ireland as they will be laped up by KOL, BRMC and BJM fans. Electric Toys is already available in America and with a European release due later in the year. We finally have a Baldwin we can believe in. Also check out this live acoustic set

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