Sunday, June 17, 2012

Review: Sleep Thieves - Islands EP

Dublin trio Sleep Thieves 'Islands' EP is a collection of high quality throaty electro goodness. Lead singer Sorcha Brennan's angelic preternatural voice deploys an eerie spectre across soundscapes of throbbing keys, bass, and beautiful bleeps. At times Brennan's voice is reminiscent of Natasha Khan and Ladyhawke while the music has a suitably dark yet uplifting quality to it.  

Out Of The Darkness plays like a baroque cello interlude transferred to a Moog while Oceans strange morphing beauty and the beast vocal exchanges create an enjoyable mid paced Sci-Fi lullaby. Title track Islands has a more organic rock feel thanks to the throbbing electric bass line which propels the song from start to finish

The gritty swaggering fuzz bass of Spirit Animal takes Sleep Thieves successfully into more hardcore territory, think Belgian dance maestros Goose. No doubt this track will set alight dance floors thanks to it's epic outro. This EP sees Sleep Thieves move beyond potential to the ranks of quality assured.

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