Sunday, June 17, 2012

Review: Hush War Cry - Voices EP

Opening track Apparitions has an alternative 80's electronica vibe. Intricate bass lines weave around electronic strings with delayed guitar dipping in and out of the mix. Add to this a vivid lyric, centred on "devils" and "tempests" and other Shakespearean style demons; delivered with a falsetto Jimmy Summerville would be proud of. The results are potent, to say the least. Eoin French's vocals instantly enthrall and hold the listener's attention throughout the EP, such is the power of his emotive refrains.

Window To The Heart is the standout track of the EP. It's a wonderful indie dance-floor moment, where choppy guitar rhythms blend perfectly with muted electronica. The track has two choruses -a technique used successfully by the likes of White Lies- which gives it that something extra special. The vocal "Wandering, wandering, wandering eyes" is truly infectious.

Lilly sets sail on a bed of somber single note piano. A haunting Conor O'Brien-esque vocal soon joins in creating wonderful otherworldly soundscapes, which twist into a happy-sad jaunt of self decoding. Similarly I'll Forget, forages themes of personal development, self acceptance and relationships in a state of disrepair, but from a darker angle. 

It would seem that Delphi, the label that brought you Sacred Animals, and We Cut Corners, have pulled yet another rabbit out of their hat. Corkonian quartet Hush War Cry are a very welcome addition to Ireland's bustling music scene. You can stream and buy 'Voices' here

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