Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review: Milan Jay - To The Sinking Sun EP

2011 has been a busy year for Galwegian genre hoppers Milan Jay. Having previously released two EP's this year, they have saved the best for last with "To The Sinking Sun" EP. It's one of the finest Irish releases of the year and features the best hip hop track AIMR, has come across by an Irish artist in 2011. Milan Jay are an eclectic group equally proficient at rock and hip hop and chilled instrumentals alike.

The EP opens with "Robot Revenge" which was released as a free download single back in September. The track is a feel good, fuck you, with elements of Weezer and Feeder on display. Milan Jay take a major change in approach with "Sleeping Under Saturn" a nine minute blissed out epic of looped guitars and drums, which decays into a beautiful lamenting piano break, before reaching for the stars once again.

"Youth Ain't No Excuse" transports us to a funky hip hop realm with a social conscience, where "Youth ain't an excuse, not to seek the truth".  The nuggets of wisdom come thick and fast as they tell us, we'll never see change until we "put the politicians on the minimum wage" The whole track is reminiscent of The Beastie Boys "Check Your Head" heyday. It's a winner.  The flavour changes to indie/electro for closing track "Sinking Sun" It's a pulsating mix of electro thuds and indie riffs, tailor-made for the indie dance floor.

To The Sinking Sun is available on limited edition CD + digital download package via bandcamp

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