Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review: Goodtime - The Colours of Darkness

The Colours of Darkness is the first new material to be released by Goodtime singer/songwriter John Cowhie for several years.Those years have certainly not been wasted as Cowhie has developed his sound into a mix of the ephemeral soundscapes and wordplay of the late 60's. Think Notorious Byrd Brothers and Lindsey Buckingham. Mixed with elements of alternative 80's synth rock pop and Adam Green's serious side.

Opening track Behind The Sun starts of with a  Ladyhawke feel, mainly due to Richie Egan's nifty bass riffs which are a focal point throughout the album. Cowhie's voice has a smooth laid back speak-sing delivery which exposes his vulnerable side and makes his lyrics instantly believable.

Like A River takes things up a notch with more prominent Cure-ish guitar lines emerging. While Mystery of Days sees some great uptempo interplay between Cowie's guitar and Egan's bass.  The influence of Buckingham, is most apparent on the mid tempo swing of Can't Get Away.  Title track The Colours of Darkness is tinged with Californian country dust. Dreamy and pulsating with touches of David Crosby and Jim Morrison.  Perhaps the radio friendly One Shot will appeal most to Cowie's existing fan base. It's a fantastic life affirming folk song.

The Colours of Darkness
will put Cowhie back in the upper echelons of the Irish music scene, and rightly so. It's a beautifully executed record

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