Monday, April 11, 2011

Review : We Are Trees "Girlfriend" EP

Bedroom-ephemeral specialists We Are Trees return with their second EP "Girlfriend" the companion piece to "Boyfriend" their critically acclaimed debut release. 

The band believe that when combined, the two EP's create one whole album, a side A and Side B if you will. Having completely swooned over their first release, we were thoroughly excited at the arrival of the next instalment.  And as the cover suggests it is a more sexual platter.

"Teenage Heartbreak" eases us into the EP with the familiar base elements of reverb laden vocals, acoustic guitars and the bombastic complicated-minimalism of Josiah Schlater's drumming. Lyrics of loss are never far away with We Are Trees "you never wanted to be with me ...I cried"  The backing vocals step forward and  the "oohs" invite us to hum along and drift away through the wordless choruses.

"Colorado" centres in a dark acoustic riff landscape with occasional synth stabs The vocals mimic the guitar melody and the guitar melody mimics the vocal melody as the song builds, into a layered atmospheric guitar solo. Once again James Nee conveys his emotions equally well in "oohs" and "ahs" as he does in words. 

"Talk to me girl I never wanted to end this way with you" urges James Nee in his most Beatle like lyric to date on "Girlfriend" An excellent song which showcases James Nee's love of The Smiths and Belle and Sebastian.  The shortest song on the EP "You" is a beautiful finger picked ballad wrapped in a bow of sadness.

"I Don't Believe in Love" is the stand out track on the EP it proves that We Are Trees can rock just as well as they can create ephemeral pop. Distorted vocals lead this Weezeresque stomp, out of the traps.  The half familiar lead lines build into a dark discorded middle 8 section Think "Everlong" for this generation. 

If as James Nee claims his songs are "all about imaginary girlfriends" god help us when his heart really gets broke, because the music he writes will be unbelievably good. "Girlfriend" is an excellent EP which shows We Are Trees have the potential to be a global phenomenon.

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