Monday, April 11, 2011

Review: Hamell On Trial, live at The Sugar Club, Dublin.

Blessed with the spirit of Hunter S. Thompson, and the adamantium tongue of Bill Hicks, Hamell On Trial, delivered a relentless evening of thought provoking no-limits comedy content in The Sugar Club.

He took to the stage dressed like a ghetto Johnny Cash, in a black suit with added shades and beanie hat, armed with an ageing guitar, born in 1937 to be precise.

Hamell On Trial, creates a wall-shaking sound of an earthquake or an approaching avalanche. Part Pixies, part metal, part dropped D blues death-machine.

A lightning quick wrist is twinned with a lightning quick mind to create some truly jaw-dropping comedy gold. No subject is taboo from Michelle Obama's anal cavity to George W. Bush ejaculating on The Bible.

While more personal experience based comedy about post-divorce dating and meeting John Lennon as a teenager, brought tears to my eyes. 

Hamell On Trial is a spectacular political satirist and a must see for loveres of "harsh-truth" comedy.

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