Monday, March 14, 2011

Review Sacred Animals Workman's Club

It is an exciting time for Sacred Animals, with Darragh Nolan’s recent solo performance on RTE’s Other Voices, bringing them firmly into the public eye. The band are gearing up for 12 shows in America, including appearances at the 25th anniversary of the infamous, SXSW festival.

The band have also been bedding in new member “Dek” on keyboards, ahead of their mission to America. Tonight is Dek’s first gig. A baptism of fire, in front of some of Ireland’s top music writers (and me) Dek needn’t worry though. He’s obviously a quick study, as his work on “Wired, Islands” and “Chosen Seed” showed.

The immense emotional quotient of Darragh Nolan’s voice, can make the hairs on the back of your neck, stand vigorously to attention. Especially when he delivers haunting refrains like “Are you scared of what you said. Well you’re not the only one” on Chosen Seed.  While the pin-point delivery of Twin Shadow’s “Castles in the Snow” shows that Sacred Animals, are already surpassing their idols.  As a band; still only in its infancy.

The trio only get stronger as the night progresses. The interplay between instruments seems more organic than on the recordings. Especially on “Still Removed” and “Welcome Home” This is even more apparent when Nolan, ditches the guitar to finish the night, doubling the beat on a stage centre snare drum, Johnny Greenwood style.  No doubt Radiohead comparisons will pester Sacred Animals for some time to come. Creating as they do large cinematic, yet claustrophobic soundscapes mixed with otherworldly voicings.  Perhaps they are Ireland’s answer to Radiohead, but that can hardly be a bad thing can it? Without a doubt the best gig I’ve been to this year.

Sacred animals new “Welcome Home remix EP” featuring Kowi, Holy Roman Empire, and the amazing remix of “Chosen Seed” by Keep Shelly in Athens, is available from

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