Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kasette at Communion The Grand Social

We were unexpectedly captivated by the sweeping bowing and sincerity of Kasette, on Friday night. The Grand Social, was the perfect setting for the Dublin 3 piece, consisting primarily of Piano, Viola, and Vocals. Creating an unusual and absorbing set of sunken-heart pop.. The vocals are heartfelt, delivering tales of love lost and barren-hearts held out for rekindling. With elements of Feist, Goulding and a sprinkle of Bjork on display. Musically Kasette are led by fast paced and memorable "Lead Viola" riffs, interchanged with picked staccato phrases. The piano acts as the rhythm section, whist also delivering more than its fair share of melody. At times the Viola is replaced by the Harmonium and the piano by the Glockenspiel, both of these instruments are utilised perfectly, adding great weight and texture to the compositions. It was pin drop quiet during their emotion laden performance of songs from their EP " A Mixed Tape" highlights on the night included "Fall Into Me" "You Were More" and "The Same" We highly recommend an unusual evening with Kasette.

Kasette - A Mixed Tape EP by Entertainment.ie

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