Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review: The Statics - Stags Head Raw

It's easy to see why merseybeat revivalists The Statics are attracting mainstream radio and media attention with their latest single Had It Too. The track is pitched somewhere between The La's and A Hard Days Night. Their Sunday night set at The Stags Head Raw proved that they can cut it live as well as in the studio. Singer Liam Gardner has the right blend of swagger and vocals prowess to captivate audiences while the bands other focal point Jacqueline Campion vigorously propels the accomplished rhythm section from behind her drum kit.

Plastic Days sucks the audience in straight away thanks to Liam Gardner's upbeat vocals and naturally over driven acoustic guitar. By the time The Statics are halfway through second song Down the audience are on their feet dancing. Clocking in at under 3 minutes Down continues the authentic '60's feel with memorable one word vocals lines like "Down, Down, Down". There's a Revolver era Beatles feel to probable single Alone, which has a feel good chorus of "It's no time to be alone". When Gardner moves to electric guitar the songs turn towards more contemporary references such as Milburn and Arctic Monkeys, with Hidden Pigeon being the most accomplished of these compositions. Current single Had It Too is the highlight of the night. It sees The Statics return to the classic merseybeat sound that they have perfected.

The Statics write damn fine melodic pop songs. No doubt they will be criticised -in certain circles- for not reinventing the wheel. But who cares, when the material is this good. We highly recommend you see this band live and defy you not to have a good time.

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