Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Album review: Tierannisaur!

The debut album by Irish underground super group Tieranniesaur!  is an eclectic collection of super fun fusion, of sweet like chocolate disco funk. Indeed it's ice cream for the ears in places. 

Tieranniesaur! is a clever pun on lead singer Annie Tierney's name. The band itself contains members of Squarehead, Feed The Bears, and Yeh Deadlies. With the exception of Squarehead however, Tierannisaur!, have left their day-job bands trailing, in their new-wave funk dust.

Opening track "Rockblocker" is a sure fire indie-disco dance floor smash. "Sketch" mixes retro Jackson 5 style guitar phrases with b-girl goodness. The fiery key bass of "I Don't Stop" sees a major jump into more contemporary dance genres. While "Azure island" starts of well with some Gracelandesque bass groves. But fades badly when Bobby gets involved with some less than average 90's rapping

"In The Sargasso" is another highlight, built on yet more exquisite bass lines. The influence of Debbie Harry and Chic can especially be felt on this track and "Pretty Girl String Quartet"

"Here Be Monsters" is the last track of note on the album. Remaining tracks "I Tink Ur Strange" and the forgettable "Remember My Name" lack the clarity and direction of previous tracks. 

It's unfortunate that the album stutters to a close in this way. As Tierannisaur!, is surely one of the most inventive Irish albums of the year. However, the album is certainly like Marmite. And just like Abba, you'll either love it or hate it. And you won't quite know why.

The album is availble  on 3 formats. Including retro-red cassette and pre loaded Playbutton. You can also download the album on bandcamp

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