Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Awake Young Soldiers "When Leo Met Cherry" EP

Having previously enjoyed the military precision and Hole tinged bombast of songs such as "Mary Jane" by Angry Young Soldiers. we where truly looking forward to their latest EP "When Leo Met Cherry" only to find nothing much to get excited about, on the first listen. Gone is the edgy folk menace of "Mary Jane" the excellent female vocals and the gritty guitar sound, replaced by somber lighter sounds. It's only after repeated listening that the songwriting peeps through. 

The influence of Mumford and Sons casts a long shadow over "Slowly Sadly" a song which contains two good hooks but yet strangely lacks any umph for over a minute. It's only when the singalong refrain of "Can you see what we can see Can you see what we can not" arrives that it comes to life. If only this song had started and continued on this heading, a good song could have easily become an excellent one. Certainly the chorus deserves a song with a better arrangement. 

It's a similar situation on Joe Panama the verses glide past unnoticed, until another catchy chorus arrives.  Once again we have to question the arrangement, as a top notch instrumental section is grossly underused. It's becoming very clear that Angry Young Soldiers are a good band in dire need of an experienced producer.  

We can have no such complaints about behold. This song is perfectly weighted from beginning to end. Starting off with eerie Jeff Buckley chords, it slowly builds with gentle keys and brushstrokes adding texture. There's even hints of Coldplay's early triumphs on the dreamy guitar breaks.

Final song Check Point continues on a trajectory somewhere between Coldplay and Mumford and Sons. Once again a beautiful instrumental section arrives and you think, why wasn't this the intro!!! Check Point builds into a long whigout of crashing drums until a Cribs style guitar riff guides us home.

Unfortunately for Awake Young Soldiers. is was more like an awkward blind date than love at first sight When Leo Met Cherry.


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