Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Review: Nick Howard - Falling For You

When we heard Nick Howard's Falling For You our initial reaction was. This is the kind of bland, barrel scraping, tuppenny bit, vomit inducing, bubblegum, that graces the credits of such highbrow television as The Hills. A quick glance at the press release proves us right-god bless our spidey senses. It would seem that Howard's averageness has graced some truly groundbreaking TV series like The Hills,Jersey Shore and 90210. Falling For You is designed for one purpose only, to tug on the heartstrings of fifteen year old vajayjays. It's enough to make you pray that your sperm never gestates XY. Howard's future no doubt includes writing forget-them-as-soon-as-you-hear-em numero uno's for the likes of Westlife and Simon Cowell's zombie glitterati. Critically acclaimed no doubt, but only by those whose opinions are for sale on a daily basis. To be avoided at all costs.

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