Monday, November 1, 2010

Review: Neosupervital - Battery Power

'Carpe Diem' may have been a more appropriate title for 'Battery Power' the latest album from eighties enthusiast Neosupervital such is the level of pep and can do spirited lyrics contained within its twelve tracks. The songs are heavily influenced by 80's super groups such as Depeche Mode and Tears For Fears and more modern acts such as Daft Punk and Les Rhythm Digitales, spinning tales of love on the dance floor, one night stands, and how self believe will see you through, in the process.

For There's Only This Time an Angus Young style riff is given a full on electronica treatment with Numan synths in the chorus as NSV sings "We gotta do it properly this time." The vocal delivery is akin to 'Much Against Everyone's Advice' era Soulwax. While Dance With You, is an eclectic mix of Herbie Hancock meets OK Go, in a fluffy ode to dance.

Do What You Feel is a summer holiday island dance floor anthem with big bass and funky guitar rhythm figures and a Kenny Loggins style guitar solo. "If you want to be real gotta do what you feel" is a simple but memorable chorus line.

Sun Goes Down is a classic big-hair Depeche Mode style stomper, filled with layered syncopated synths and another sing along chorus. While Instrumental track Then is definitely one for people who still dream of "sand dunes and salty air..." Can't Be On Your Own is pure lovable cheese and even contains the phrase "Danger Zone."

Be Who You Want contains the quintessential 80's pulsing synth line and fractured nonsensical lyrics which somehow work. The influence of Tears For Fears looms large on Sky is Higher, especially on the sound of the lead guitar. This is the best of the more serious sounding songs on the album.

Neosupervital goes bilingual for the half French half English Distant Light. The darkest song on the album it explores the alternative synth landscapes of Talk Talk and Ultravox juxtaposed against a metallic guitar line.

'Battery Power' is an album for fans of 80's movie themes and feel good one hit wonders such as We Close Our Eyes It may be a guilty pleasure for many, but shouldn't be viewed as such. As Neosupervital is a quality songwriter and deserves to recognised as such. Not just celebrated by drunken hordes on the dance floor.

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