Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review: Kevin On A Bike - Punctured EP

The sleepy hollow of Blessington is an unlikely place to find such a raucous group as Kevin On A Bike. Their latest EP 'Puncture' takes its cues from such rock heavyweights as Metallica, Alice In Chains, and Thin Lizzy.

She Wants Blood starts off with a good Pantera Style guitar riff. The drums are predictably, but necessarily pounding. The chorus is melodic; think Funeral For A Friend meets Bullet For My Valentine circa 2005. Glenn Fitzpatrick's vocals are initially weak, but find momentum from the first chorus onwards. The backing vocals are well thought out and executed and help this song stand out from the rest of the tracks on the EP (The other two main guitar riffs differ greatly and are influenced by Iron Maiden and the Offspring)

Say is an altogether lighter affair. At first listen its a throw away attempt at balladeering, in the mainstream crossover style of Jimmy Eat World and Green Day, but after several listens it begins to stick in your head. However Colin Shirran's overcooked, overlong and largely pointless guitar solo undoes the rest of the bands good work.

With Searching, Kevin On A Bike cross the line from homage of Metallica into imitation of Metallica. This song skirts uncomfortably around Enter Sandman in the verses and choruses. This is a real pity as its Glenn Fitzpatrick's most authentic vocal performance, particularly in the middle eight where he delivers a powerful Layne Staleyesque refrain.

Last and definitely least Don't, is a song of two sides. The verses are so bad even Spinal Tap would be embarrassed. While the chorus shows the initial promise of She Wants Blood. The vocal hook of "Don't kiss me 'til you've made up your mind. Don't touch me 'til you're sure" is immediate, but a serious rewrite is the very least it deserves.

Kevin On A Bike are four accomplished metal musicians struggling to find their own unique sound. A move away from listening to their teenage influences would greatly enhance their sound, allowing them to create rather than imitate.

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